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The Mission of CNY Mental Health Counseling, PLLC is to provide exemplary client-centered, comprehensive, integrated mental health services, by a team of experienced counselors who foster engaged and authentic connections, prioritizing safety, honesty, and growth.  Our values center around creating a space where individuals feel empowered to embark on their mental health journey with genuine connection at its core, and as a result, improve the overall health of our community. 

Our values and approach: 

 CNY Mental Health Counseling strives to help individuals, communities, schools, and organizations throughout New York State to “Connect, Integrate, and Thrive” (CIT).  Founder and CEO, Dr. Melissa Carman, describes her team and the curative, healing work they bring to their clients as being fueled by the foundational CIT motto, a passion for helping people live their best lives, and the joining of vast resources to create an existential safety net. From corporate consultations to couples’ intensives to individual therapy, the team of counselors at CNY Mental Health Counseling works comprehensively and holistically at each social-ecological level to aid both mental health prevention and intervention processes. 

 We practice what we preach.

The counselors of CNY Mental Health Counseling strive to utilize the CIT approach in their own lives. Over the last decade, many mental health practitioners report feeling burned out and discouraged.  Our counselors are buffered from burnout, because we practice what we preach, allowing us to better serve as stewards of mental health and optimization.  CNYMHC counselors are self-aware, emotionally intelligent, and prioritize our own mental health. We integrate what we have learned from life experience, our own counseling, and ongoing learning and training, and we thrive knowing that you are reaching your goals while we get to do what we love.  We act as a lighthouse, helping you find direction when you are at your darkest or when you’re lost in a storm.  There is no better gift than helping you authentically heal, grow, and reach your potential. It can only happen, however, when we are taking care of ourselves.

Our Approach

Treatment at CNYMHC is evidence-based and client-centered. Our team engages in regular educational training, is up to date on the latest research, and draws from multiple modalities of treatment, including (but certainly not limited to): Internal Family Systems, Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Technology-Assisted Executive Function Training, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. We utilize different strategies to get to know you at the deepest levels, truly getting a sense of who you are, and what you want out of your life. We help you find the blindspots that are holding you back and unburden the traumas of the past that continue to have a hold on you. We want to understand the key players in your life to truly understand your resources as well as possible risk factors. This gives us more clarity, as we work on alleviating stressors at every therapy session. We offer a holistic perspective and routinely collaborate with other providers, including nutritionists, coaches, physicians, teachers, parents, spouses, or anyone else who may be a key resource as you ascend to living your best life. Our goal is to help you become inspired to take action in your life so that you no longer need our support. 

We acknowledge that life complications are situational, relationship, and identity-based. There is no prescription for happiness, no simple fix, no magic pill, and no golden nugget that will change it all. We believe that the only way to truly live the best and most authentic, satisfying life, is to do the work, which is often uncomfortable, difficult, and even painful. It takes time. The work we do is very complex, and requires you to have the courage, strength, and vulnerability to really show up for yourself.  We will be right alongside you, partnering with you, and guiding you.  We value the counselor-client relationship more than any other aspect of the counseling process, and the stronger this connection is, helps us to deliver the highest quality care possible.  

We would love the opportunity to help you connect, integrate, and thrive.  

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