New York Mental Health Counselors

CNY Mental Health Counseling is hiring. 

This is your opportunity to truly feel part of a team and work in private practice without having to deal with the business side.  

CNY Mental Health Counseling is a rapidly growing practice based out of Upstate NY, with locations in Manlius and Syracuse.

We are hiring counselors who are passionate about authenticity and growth. We practice what we preach in that we have a growth mindset as individuals and as a team, creatively collaborate with our community via outreach and grant programming, and support and challenge each other’s development.

We provide in-person and telehealth sessions, and serve individuals, families, and communities throughout NY. Bi-weekly staff development meetings are virtual, allowing us all to collaborate and become a collective powerhouse as we develop ways to meet our clients’ and communities’ needs.

We are looking for counselors who are passionate about:

  • Thinking outside of the box
  • Connection—with ourselves, each other, and our communities
  • Doing our own work as counselors
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in practice, not just saying it.  We are advocates.
  • Prevention as well as healing
  • Holistic approaches to counseling (we are NOT a medical-model practice)
  • Supervision and growth!

We take a “whatever works” approach to working with clients, whether that means individual, couple, or family sessions (or frequently a mix of them), and we collaborate with other providers to create a treatment team approach.  We believe in change through connection and strive to build authentic and genuine relationships with our clients and our colleagues.

We partner with a psychiatric nurse practitioner who is in-house, a registered dietician, a biofeedback specialist, an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, personal trainers, and the list goes on.

We have fostered relationships with schools, universities, physician practices, and non-profits to develop a community-based model of supporting mental health. We love collaboration and this will also provide the referrals that you need. Everyone wins here. We strive to make mental health counseling accessible.

Rates for pre-licensed counselors are $48-$60/hour, licensed masters-level counselors are $77-$98/hour, and doctoral-level licensed counselors are $99-$143/hour WITH an additional individualized pre-taxed benefit stipend for full-time employees that you can determine as retirement, health care premiums, etc. You are able to create a benefit package to best suit your needs. We pay higher than average so you can determine where to allocate your income. Within 3 years, you can be on track to make 3-figures, all while providing exceptional counseling services, focusing on personal growth, maintaining work-life balance, and working on a fun and progressive team.   Part-time 15-24 clients per week. Full-time 25-35 clients per week.

By being a part of our team, you will never be taken for granted.  You will be paid and treated well.  Supervision is provided by a doctoral level supervisor with over 20 years of experience as a counselor and supervisor.  Supervision is focused on counselor growth as much as it is on client consultation. All administrative tasks are handled by our superhuman practice manager. Our goal is to be the best counselors AND people that we can be. Our goal is to live our best, authentic lives and to help our clients do the same.

To apply, send your resume and an interest email to