Business & Organizations We Work With

At CNYMHC, we recognize the psychological significance between social environments and mental health. As a result, we take great pride in community partnerships that provide both prevention and intervention services that may be delivered virtually or in person.  

Preventative programming, in the form of workshops, wellness presentations, information fairs, or community events, brings awareness to mental health concepts and resources, in addition to reducing mental health stigma by helping people become more comfortable discussing their emotions, concerns, and needs. Workshops may be one-time or created as a series.  Dr. Carman and her team have presented to organizations of 500 people on wellness, as well as developed a monthly workshop series that is on a 3-year cycle to truly deepen and optimize mental health.  We will work with you to determine the needs of your organization.  All programs are customized to meet specific culture, concerns, desires, and needs. 

Intervention programming focuses on the delivery of individual, couples, or small group counseling that is funded by a community organization. Known as bridge packs, Dr. Carman works with organizations to create short-term counseling packages that may be offered to members, employees, or students of the organization. Similar to an EAP, Dr. Carman and her team of counselors are able to custom tailor specific packages to offer counseling support, making services more accessible, personal, and effective. Because we are a locally based practice, we have the privilege of tailoring these packages to the needs of each individual partnership and members.

Our community partnerships allow us to partner with you, developing personal connections, establishing relatability, and fostering understanding of clients’ situations and needs. Dr. Carman is happy to work with eligible organizations on securing grant funding as well. As members in this community ourselves, our team of counselors is highly invested in partnering with community organizations. 

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