“After decades of trying to self-manage my personal struggles through medication and exercise, I was finally referred to Dr Melissa Carman. Dr Carman took my treatment to a level that actually addressed my issues versus treating the symptoms.  She first took the time to develop trust and thoroughly understand my personal situation, which allowed me to feel comfortable in sharing with her and embracing her therapy approach.  Over the course of the next year and a half, she helped me navigate and address intense childhood trauma, as well as manage my anxiety and intensity, all which have impacted my life on a regular basis.  Melissa has also been instrumental in helping me navigate my marriage and personal relationships, as well as connecting me with other resources to improve my quality of life.  I greatly appreciate all she has done for me and would highly recommend her.”  – Anonymous, 39 years old


“Dr. Carman connected with my son which allowed him to open up to her and talk through some difficult issues in a positive manner.  She has helped him immensely and we are grateful for her expertise.” –JS


“While being treated at CNYMHC I have received the most incredible care and personal attention that has improved my life beyond measure. I have become more in tune with myself, my family, my friends and my career.  I have learned about myself in ways that have allowed me to refocus my goals both personally and professionally. I have had the opportunity to explore new skills for improving my understanding and my communication methods to support my growth and well being.  I was not a broken individual but I was struggling to understand my family relationships and dynamics, I felt like I was failing those around me. I was struggling to fully process grief and over functioning to bury the pain.  I was not fully connecting to those around me other than what I thought I needed to do for others. By learning where these behaviors originated and then being given tools on how to rethink those instincts with Dr. Carman, I have become happier, more fulfilled and more completely myself.  So grateful for her treatment and the investment made in me with her expertise!” – MM


“I have struggled for many years trying to find the right “fit” when it comes to my mental health. When my professor suggested Edie at CNY Mental Health Counseling, I decided to give it one last shot. This was one of my best decisions. I started at CNY Mental Health Counseling and immediately found my perfect fit. My counselor genuinely cares and empowers me through my journey. Mental health has always been on the back burner in my life when it should have been a main focus. Through my journey at CNY Mental Health Counseling, I have learned how to prioritize my mental health and focus on my personal growth. Sometimes you can’t do it alone and taking the steps to prioritize your mental health is worth it! ” -A.T, 23 yrs old


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