Jennifer Miller, MS., LP-LMHC

Jennifer Miller, MS.,

Since I was a young girl, I have always wanted to “help people”. As I developed and transformed into adulthood, I found my passion to be in the counseling field. I attended Keuka College where I earned my Bachelors in Child and Family Studies. Through this program, development across the lifespan and psychology were crossed to make the program holistic and a significant learning experience. After graduating Keuka College in 2017, I worked for 3 years in the Substance Abuse Prevention field where I worked with people of all ages to better understand the impact alcohol and other drugs can have on a person’s life. Alongside law enforcement, educators, and other community agencies, we worked to prevent use and misuse of substances and enhance the quality of life for each individual. While working in the field, I was presented with the opportunity to pursue my education further as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. I am currently finishing my degree at Cazenovia College and completing my internship hours to gain more experience and apply my knowledge. I believe everyone has room to grow and develop which is what makes counseling so important to me.